Life Raft Service

Life Raft, Boat & Fire Fighting Servicing

Life Raft / Boat Service

Life Raft, Boat & Fire Fighting Servicing. Certificate Of Annual Inspection Of Free Fall Lifeboat ,Rescue Boat,Davit and  Winch.

Safety of one’s life at sea is only as good as the competency of the safety and survival equipment on board. Over the last four decades of service, we have gained customer loyalty and confidence, with our supply, installation, inspection, test and maintenance of safety and survival equipment.

Maintenance activities offered for your life safety appliances
  • Service and repair of life rafts, marine evacuation systems, life jackets, and immersion suits.
  • Service and repair of rescue boats, workboats, lifeboats, and davits
  • Lifting and inspection services.
  • Testing of radio communication equipment and beacons.
  • Replacement of rations and supplies.
  • Temporary replacement of life rafts (stand-by rafts) is offered to continue the vessel voyage while vessel’s life raft undergoes repair and service.
  • Provision of spares and consumables.