Spare Parts Supply

Spare Parts Supply

Our wealth of expertise in sourcing spares equipment and machining parts enable us to sources high quality spare parts with the best competitive prices.

We specialize in the supply of spare parts and equipment for marine engines, generators, compressors, purifiers, electric motors, alternators, governors, hydraulic and pneumatic.

Navigational equipment (new, used and reconditioned)for naval ship submarine and commercial vessels.

We also supply all kind of general order supplies. (Subject to availability).

  • Deck / Engine Store
  • Marine Lubricants
  • We supply all kinds of lubricants including grease.
  • Engine Cylinder Oil
  • Engine Crank Case Oil
  • Gear Oil
  • Turbine Oil
  • Chemicals
  • Life Saving Equipments

Our Areas of Focus are:

  • Professional sources and procurement of technical and sophisticated parts,
  • Specialized staff with local knowledge of suppliers.
  • Professional logistics on global scale.
  • Genuine, OEM or alternative parts.
  • Service and technical support from a local market experts.

We also fabricate / make all kind of marine and industrial parts which are obsolete or not available, we can provide all your spare requirements from around the world.