Motor Rewinding

Electrical Motor Rewinding and Repairing All Type

We are equipped to handle all your repair needs from large to small. We  can handle all your electric machine needs, and with up to 3 ton material handling capability, we can satisfy your repair needs from fractional up to 500HP/KW.  Please see our available  services below, and if you don’t see something you need, contact us directly and chances are that we can handle the task. 

Rewind Service

  • Fractionals to 500HP/KW

  • EASA/IEEE Specifications

  • Inverter Duty Conversions

  • Class F or H Insulation

  • Exciter Stators

  • Exciter Rotors

  • Wound Rotors

  • Brake Coils

  • Custom Control Coils

  • Transformers

  • Obsolete Coils

Testing Service

  • Computerized 6KV Surge Testing

  • High Potential Testing

  • Hipotronics Motor Test Panel 0-500V

  • Dynamic Balancing to 4,000 Lbs

  • AC/DC Motor Run Testing up 500V

  • Motor and Generator Failure Analysis

  • VFD and RVS Diagnostics Testing

  • Printed Circuit Board Testing

  • Programmable Logic Control Testing

  • Protective Relay Testing

  • Circuit Breaker Testing

Machine Service

  • Material Handling to 3 Tons

  • Bearing Housing Repairs

  • Shaft Repairs

  • Keyseating

  • Lamination Stacking

  • Shaft Remanufacture

  • Commutator Resurface

  • Motor Frame Modifications

  • Custom Enclosures

Custom Panels and Repair

  • Power Generation Control

  • Switchboards/Switchgear

  • Control Panels

  • HMI/Operator Interface

  • PLC Systems

  • VFD Programming/Start-Up

  • RVS and “Soft-Starters”

  • Conventional Motor Controls

  • Winch Controls

  • Engine Room Alarms

  • Engine Room Automation

  • Wheelhouse Controls

  • Nameplate Engraving

  • UL, ABS, IEEE Compliance